Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Amazing Flow

There's this amazing energy in the studio right now. I feel like it's a combination of the spring light that floods the space through the large industrial windows and from recently having people visit during open studios. It's hard to capture in words... but it's there. The kind of energy that lends itself to this amazing flow.

Started working on a new piece this week, which means culling for materials has begun. Working with deep, rich blues and because I have never used this color predominately in any of my work before, it's like starting from scratch.

My greatest challenge right now is that none of my books have what I'm looking for and believe me, I have a lot of books in my studio. I'm only about half-way through them so there's still hope, but I have a feeling I will be relying more heavily on album covers for this piece.

With that said, decided to hit my favorite local Salvation Army Store in Yonkers on the way into the studio this weekend, but I couldn't access the place. There was a carnival in the large parking lot across the street, so finding parking was next to impossible.

Showed up back at the studio empty handed but was able to start work with the pages I had pulled a couple days ago. After reassessing I might just have enough material after all to get this new piece done. Will try and post an image of the work in progress in the next few days.

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