Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adam Lister Gallery – Group Show

I have two pieces of work included in a group show titled "Unfamiliar Territories" at the Adam Lister Gallery, Jan 14, 2011 - Feb 21, 2011.

Press Release:

Adam Lister Gallery is pleased to present our first exhibition of 2011, a group show featuring 15 artists, titled “Unfamiliar Territories”.

This exhibit brings together a group of artists that have a common ground of questioning our perceptions of the world within their work. Through modifying, investigating, and engaging in exploration for the purpose of discovery, each artist has formulated their own unique system of communication. The work in this show treads a fine line on the border of reality and imagination, incorporating elements and attributes from both sides. Visual language for these artists is not only a transmission of personal culture, but also a window into alternative views of the universe.

The artists exhibiting in “Unfamiliar Territories”, view the world through a combination of comparisons, calculations, schemes, concepts and recipes. They take the familiar and the obvious, and through a process of reformulation, present it as curious and unfamiliar. This reinterpretation defines itself as a pure, non-functional object introduced into the world through the mind and eyes of the artist.

Artists: Anna Jane Kocon, Bobby Coleman, Chris Duerk, Craig Hill, Eric Bos, Gail Vollrath, Geoff Ault, Glenn Fischer, Gwynneth VanLaven, Michelle Valenton, Phillip Scarpone, Sabine Carlson, Stephanie Rond, Steve Wanna, Travis Childers

For questions:
Email - adamlistergallery@gmail.com
T#- 646.263.7305

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