Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Release

Gestalten Publishing - a book publisher specialized in art and design books - is in the process of researching for a new book compilation about contemporary collage. The book will be co-edited by James Gallagher, who organized the Cutters exhibition in New York a while ago. They saw my work and contacted me to say they would be happy to feature it in the book. (Hell Yeah!) Release of the book is due to take place in Spring 2011. (I'll keep you posted)

I recently started realizing just how much of an opportunity this book release is... not only to introduce my work to a much larger audience, but also for me to start engaging with my creative self by producing physical work again.

Opportunities come and go throughout our life.

Sometimes we are afraid where they will take us, so we do nothing and let them pass us by. Other times we risk engaging with the possibly they seem to offer, step out of our comfort zone, and discover a part of ourselves we never knew existed. And still other times, we participate in the opportunity presented and end up loosing everything.... or so it seems.

A good friend once told me that every mistake in life is an opportunity for us to grow. If we adopt that perspective, we have nothing to lose.

I will not let this opportunity slip through my hands!