Monday, November 01, 2010

Studio Hunt

I recently made the decision to find new studio and who knew that trying to find space in this economic climate would prove to be such a challenge.

Sure, the prices are down a little but so is the inventory, and what I've seen so far isn't making me feel all that warm and fuzzy inside. With me it's all about the energy within the space (and of course the monthly rent) that ultimately helps me to make my decision. Distance is also a factor because I don't want to be wasting time traveling to/from if I don't have to.

On Saturday I checked out a couple in Brooklyn, both on Morgan St. The first one, while located in a great artist building, was basically a renovated art cave. It's only allure was perhaps the central AC which would certainly come in handy during the summer months. The second placed I looked at was decent enough and would have probably worked out had I not been too late to see it.

On Sunday I headed to YOHO Arts which is located in Yonkers in an old factory, which in and of itself is very cool. Was shown another art cave, though this one was much larger. Then I saw a much larger space with three windows (at which I drooled and dreamed about) and then another decent size space with one window. Unfortunately the cost is a factor with the last one I mentioned. So, the search continues.

Checking out a studio in Harlem maybe this week, not far from the studio space I had back in 2007 on 106th St. I know the neighborhood well, the price per square foot is fairly reasonable but I haven't seen any photos online so who knows what I'm in for. Plus I'm looking to be in a larger, well established artists building if possible.

So, stand by for more updates... and if you are reading this and know of any available space out there in the NYC area please let me know!

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